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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Fybera agrees to supply goods and services under the following terms and conditions. We remain the right to make minor changes from time to time, based on customer reviews and recommendations. It is the customers responsibility to check for any changes made in these terms and conditions by Fybera. Words such as "We", "Us", "Our", "Supplier" in these terms and conditions, are direct reference to Fybera.

Section 1: Payments
Section 2: Prices
Section 3: Orders
Section 4: Delivery
Section 5: Warrants
Section 6: Returns
Section 7: Common Information

1. Payments
1.1. Default customer payment method is 100% bank transfer in advance.

1.2. Other payment methods such as Credit Payments (up to 30 day, delayed payment) are only available after negotiations between Customer / Fybera and under a signed contract for delayed payment.

1.3. Online payment methods, for example PayPal, and other with similar function as PayPal, are not available at the moment. If we decide to accept such payments in future times, every registered customer with valid email address, will receive notification about this change.

1.4. Payments will be considered as paid, only when the Supplier has received cleared funds. Bank transfers, for example, usually take from 2 to 72 hours to be received.

1.5. We remain the right, at our own discretion, to withhold dispatch of goods until all funds owned to the Supplier by the Customer have been paid in full.

1.6. If any invoice to a customer remains ongoing and unpaid, beyond the negotiated period, the supplier is entitled to require immediate payment of all ongoing invoices, including any invoice of which the negotiated period has not yet expired.

2. Prices
2.1. Ruling prices are those published on our website next to each product.

2.2. Be advised that our prices may vary accordingly to changes of the exchange rates published on the European Central Bank (ECB) website. Changes in prices published on will not affect ongoing orders.

2.2.1. Prices may also vary according to changes related with raw materials, freight and handling costs. Such changes will not affect ongoing orders.

2.3. Unless otherwise specified prices quoted in Invoices, Offers, Quotations, or other official document by Fybera, do not include VAT (Value Added Tax).

3. Orders
3.1. Orders can be made by registered users via our website.

3.2. Orders can be made by users who do not wish to register on our website. To do so, those customers are advised to contact us at, by declaring what goods and quantities are required. Those customers have to provide us in the correspondence, with valid phone number, delivery address, and company or individual details for the invoice.

3.2.1. For Company purchasers required information for the invoice is:
- Full Company name
- International VAT Number
- Company registration address
- Names of Head Manager

3.2.2. For Individual purchasers required information for the invoice is:
- Full Name
- Registration address
- Mobile number

3.2.3. If any of the information stated in articles 3.2.x, is found disturbing, please read our Privacy Policy or contact us at and describe the issue.

3.3. Orders will be shipped only when we have received clear payment, or under the rules of contracts for delayed payment.

3.4. Regular orders by customers, who do not have contract for delayed payment, via our website, for which we have not received clear payment within 10 business days, will be cancelled.

3.4.1. Also applies for unregistered customers who have placed and negotiated an order via our email. The 10 business days period starts when we have emailed the customer a Proforma Invoice.

4. Delivery
4.1. Delivery terms and Delivery times will be stated in each and every Proforma Invoice.

4.2. Our default delivery term is EXW Sofia. More information about delivery terms, customers can find on our Delivery Information section, or click here.

4.3. Stated delivery times in our official documents will take place after 1 business day of receiving clear payment, but only if the payment is received before 13:00h (GMT+2) and 2 business days if the clear payment is received after 13:00h (GMT+2).

4.4. Where the Suppliers carrier fails to deliver to the specified address (due to invalid address, or the customer cannot be found on the stated address) or if the customer decides to refuse the shipments delivery address, when the goods are redirected back to the supplier, the customer shall be charged for redirecting back the shipment to the supplier.

5. Warrants
5.1. Products that are subject of warranty, will have their wararnty period stated in their description on our website and/or data sheet, and/or other official document by Fybera.

5.2. Warrants do not cover damage caused by incorrect use of the product.

5.3. Warrants do not cover damage by Natural Disasters, Water Damage, Electric Surge, Drops.

5.4. In case of warranty event, the customer has to contact us at where a discussion about changes, repairs and/or substitutes will take place.

5.5. Default repair period may take up to 22 business days, after we have received the faulty product.

5.5.1. It is possible this period to be extended due to reasons unrelated with Fybera. If such events take place the customer will be firstly notified before we proceed with accepting/repairing the product/s.

5.5.2. Any stated repair periods by the supplier do not include shipping days for both receiving and returning goods.

5.6. We do not provide any warranty for components provided by the customer. The customer alone is responsible for the suitability and quality of related components.

5.7. If the customer finds any defects, they shall be communicated in written form with, specyfying the invoice number and detailed description of the defect and if possible with attached pictures.

5.8. In case of warranty event, not described in these terms and conditions (section 5), we advise the customers to contact us at

6. Returns
6.1. Registered customers can use our online form for returning goods. It`s settled at the bottom of our page, customer service section, returns.
Or click here.

6.2. Unregistered customers have to contact us at, in order to start a returning procedure.

6.3. Goods that are Out of Stock and are specifically ordered for customers specific demands, are not refundable and/or returnable, unless and only if the goods are faulty.

6.3.1. Same applies for goods that we do not offer on our web page, but were delivered to the customer, after negotiation for his specific needs.

6.4. In case of obviously unfounded notice of defects, the Seller reserves the right to charge the customer with the costs of return shipping.

7. Common Information
7.1. All quotations, price offers, and other official documents with similar or equal meaning, requested by the customer, are non-purchase binding until an order is placed, referring to such documents.

7.2. If registered customers wish to receive notifications about changes concerning these terms and conditions, they can do so by contacting us on

7.3. If registered users wish to receive emails, containing information about products on sale with special price, they have to check the newsletter box.

7.4. If certain uncommon situations and/or purchases require specific appendix of terms and conditions, which are not present in these, a negotiation between customer and supplier shall take place.

7.5. All information detailed on our web site is a guideline for product selection only. Product images are for illustration only. Every effort is made to be technically accurate. However, it is possible some product pictures to differ from the actual product. In those cases where such products are ordered, the customer will be firstly notified and presented with actual pictures, before an ongoing order is been processed.

7.6. All rights reserved. Dear customers and visitors, be advised that all of the information posted on our website is copyright protected by the acting Bulgarian Copyright Law. If there is information posted on our web site, which is not our own and is property of a partner company, it is done with the strict allowance of such partners, and/or is subject of partnership contract.