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We offer several types of splice protective sleeves. They are designed:

- To protect the splice from moisture and dust damage
- To protect the fiber during installation
- To reinforce
- To maintain optimal optic transmission properties

Below you will find a table describing the the types of protective sleeves we offer. Please specifiy desired type in the comment section of the order.

Splice ProtectorTube DiameterTube Diameter after Shrink Lenght Operating Temperatures         Tension
T-1.0-35      3.0mm               2.5mm 35mm  -45C° to +110/120C°

(acc. ASTM D2671)

T-1.0-40      3.0mm               2.5mm 40mm
T-1.5-40      3.5mm               3.0mm 40mm
T-1.0-60      3.0mm               2.5mm 60mm
T-1.5-60      3.5mm               3.0mm 50mm

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