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Fusion Splicer-On Connector allows quick, easy, reliable and customizable permanent field terminations without getting short,
excess slack, and logistic delays of pre-terminated cables. It is also ideal for central office, fiber hub/pedestal, and data center applications offering prompt extensions, changes, repairs, and restoration for minimal downtime. It adjusts the length of fibers in the field, and does not require to organize the fibers. It provides high quality of stable connectivity.

• Compliant with IEC61754-4, KS C6974(F04), JIS C5973(F04)
• Compliant with Telcordia GR-326-core
• Able to directly splice drop cable & indoor cable
• Splicing point is inside of the connector. No additional splicing work required.
• Enhanced high quality with improved optical features (splice Loss & return Loss)
• Enhanced & improved highly tensile strength (exceeding 50N)
• Easily assembled with one-touch, push-pull system
• Saving cost dramatically (purchasing cost of connector, installation and maintenance costs)
• Satisfied with Vertical Burn Test Materials
• Compliant with UL94V-0