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19” Fiber Optic Patch panel, loaded with 24x Adapters E2000/APC, green, ceramic SM, B, screwable 

and 24x Pigtails E2000/APC, E9/125/900, G657А1, 2,5m, LSZH, 12 DIN color, Grade B

  • 1U-24 ports, SC simplex ( E2000 simplex footprint)
  • 24 core
  • 2 cable entries
  • Size (mm): 484x257x44

    Packaging includes:
  • 2x Cable gland angular (PG11)
  • 1x Splice Tray Cover
  • 2x Splice Tray
  • 2x Splice Protector Holders (Each for 12 splices)
  • 48x Screws