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Delivery Information

General delivery information

- On Stock: Means that we have on stock the desired product and we are capable of shipping, right after payment confirmation
- Out of Stock: Means that we do not have any quantity of that product at the moment, but we strongly recommend contacting us for quoatation
- Pre-Order: Means we dont have On Stock amounts, but we will shortly. Via that option you are ensuring that you wont miss out desired amounts.
- Before placing large orders for common products, please contact us first to make sure we have them all. Our email comes in handy in such occassions

Delivery terms

Below we have listed incoterm delivery terms, but be advised this is only for your own information and we do not support them all, unless specifically negotiated. Our default delivery terms is EXW Sofia.

- CFR: Cost and Freight
- CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight
- CPT: Carriage Paid to
- DAF: Delivered at Frontier
- DDP: Delivered Duty Paid
- DDU: Delivered Duty Unpaid
- DEQ: Delivered Ex Quay (duty paid)
- DES: Delivered Ex Ship-(named port of destination)
- EXW: Ex Works
- FAS: Free Alongside Ship-(named port of shipment)
- FCA: Free Carrier-(named place)
- FOB: Free on Board-(named port of shipment)

For detailed information about the terms listed above, you can read more here.

Over Size Shipments

Be advised when ordering large amount of goods, that it is quite possible the shippment may be considered as oversized. In those ocassions we will provide quotation which will contain specific delivery price, before you can proceed to clear payment.