Splice cassettes

Types of cassettes

The cassette is an essential part of every fiber optic end product. Wherever you have a box or 19" panel and especially FOSC's you will have a cassette inside to arrange your cables,tubes, fibers and splices.

There are many types of cassettes but they all have three essential thing in them :

- Splice Holder - from 6 to 24 fibers and from 1 to 12 holders in a single cassette

- Routes for the fibers 

- Routes for the tubes - mainly there are 4 on a normal cassette but in the cases of big FOSC or GCO they might have only 2 because you are not suppose to have 4 ends in a FOSC (if it's not an In-Line type)

* depending on the cassette their might even have a slot for a splitter.

Every cassette is different from the other by its routing or the holders they use in, BUT there are 2 MAIN types:

- Cassettes who needs measuring of the fibers

- Cassettes who don't need measuring of the fibers

There has always been a discussion on which type is better and from my point of view is the one who does not need measuring and i'm going to tell you why.

First and foremost it saves you a TON of time. Imagine having to do a FOSC with 288 splices that is 24 tubes of 12 fibers (or more if you use 2,4,8 fibers in a tube). That mean you have to do at least 24 measures before you ever start to work. That's roughly a 30-60 minutes of work which is not that much, but hey that's PER DAY .

With the measureless cassettes you simply tight your tubes and start working. That's it you're done !

Second - after you are done with the spicing you can easily arrange the excess fibers in a good looking way. Why do i say that you may ask.

Well i have seen a lot of engineers who don't appreciate their work and leave a mess in the cassette, just because they don't know how to deal with an occurred problem or out of laziness . I know most of you have also had to do a rework of a colleague of your, because they made a mess.

And the mess is caused by a broken or non measured fibers (for the measuring cassettes).

That's not the case with the non-measuring cassettes. You can broke a fiber 10 times and you will still be able to put it on the right spot on the holder without any hustle .

Tell me more about your experience with splice cassettes and correct me if i said something wrong !

For more information or if you need any kind of help, be sure to write us ;)