Colour Codes

What are those color codes and why do we have them ?


The colour code are directly linked to the network you are using and the standard that you are working on.

For example in Bulgaria we use : TIA-EIA-598-A, IEC 60304, IEC 60324

The colour codes help us track the line easier even if we do cross color fusions we can write it down and don’t mess it up at the end point.

Most of you who worked back in the copper era know about them, but in the beginning of the Fiber era, most of the ISP’s didn’t know that color codes existed and they made a havoc with their networks.

After some time the more enlightened in the area showed them that they can use the codes to simplify their work and they began to use it .

In recent years not only the fibers are color coded, but the tubes that holds them and even the Patch Panels are aligned via the code.


What color codes do you use in your country and in your networks ?