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14 Oct Types of connections
Ludmil Ranev 21 33273
Types of connections In a fast growing industry like Telecommunications a strive to be unique, first and reliable is  a must.That’s why there are dozens of connectors on the market with their adv./dis...
02 Jun Ethernet Cables: Types, Performance and how to choose the right for your needs
Ludmil Ranev 19 31685
Copper cablesHow do differentiate them ?What does that letters even mean ? Have you ever wondered what does U/UTP CAT 5e or S/FTP CAT 6a means, well I’m going to help you out with that matter.So for s...
09 Apr Splice Cassettes
Ludmil Ranev 4 17165
Splice cassettesTypes of cassettesThe cassette is an essential part of every fiber optic end product. Wherever you have a box or 19" panel and especially FOSC's you will have a cassette inside to arra...
25 Mar Fusion Splicers
Ludmil Ranev 7 36131
SplicersWhat is a fusion splice machine?How and when to use one?  The Fusion Splicer is a very complicated machine with a simple function of “gluing” 2 to 24 fibers at once!There are three main types ...
24 Mar Colour Codes
Ludmil Ranev 240 34205
Colour CodesWhat are those color codes and why do we have them ? The colour code are directly linked to the network you are using and the standard that you are working on. For example in Bulgaria we u...
06 Nov PON Architecture
Ludmil Ranev 7 23403
A passive optical network (PON) is a telecommunications technology used to provide fiber to the end consumer, both domestic and commercial. A PON's distinguishing feature is that it implements a point...
06 Nov How to choose and use an OTDR ?
Ludmil Ranev 33 13981
OTDR’s How to choose the right one ?And how to use them ?  What Is OTDR?OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer) is used to test newly installed fiber links and detect problems that may exist in fiber...
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